Here, you can find out about our purrfect cast!


AGE: 25

CHARACTER: Adrien/Chat Noir, Timmy

BIO: While he was born in Cape Fear Valley, North Carolina, Aaron grew up in the great state of Maine. It was there that he attended both the University of Maine at Farmington and the University of Southern Maine, graduating with degrees in both Biology and Theatre, with a focus in performance. While most of his performance career has been with live stage productions, he began to dabble in voice acting after creating a one-man radio play for a project during his senior year. Now living in Dallas he seeks to continue improving in both his theatre and voice acting careers.


AGE: 18

CHARACTER: Lilly, Rose

BIO: I'm Kayleigh , i am mainly known to do the voice of Lilly in the Bunnie and Dragonknight series. I have been told that i have optimistic personality and really enjoy spending time with my family and friends. I love to watch Anime and miraculous ladybug, but i also like to draw, sing and most importantly have a passion for Voice Acting 


AGE: 19

CHARACTER: Marinette/Ladybug, Flora

BIO: British Voice Actor, loves singing dance and hanging out with friends, has been voice acting for 8 years and has worked in many projects such as animation, fangames and now working with a studio company. Works on YouTube and owns a Miraculous YouTube channel called Natalie Guest. Creator of the dub.                           


AGE: 27

CHARACTER: Kagami, Manon

BIO: Hiya! I'm Ileana and I have been Voice Acting for a little over a year now. I haven't done much here but If you want to hear some of my work keep a weather eye out! I shall be appearing in some new dubs and such in the coming months! I'm so excited to be here and be apart of this amazing group of talented voice actors!


AGE: 24


BIO: I'm a YouTuber that does videos for fun. I'm a fun guy full of mystery, awesome to be around, and I enjoy cheeseburgers.


AGE: 16+ 

CHARACTER: Icy, Krystal, Selena

BIO: Hi! I'm PepperOnPages and I've been an aspiring voice actress for over a year now. I'm trying to cross over from mostly a stage actress path to a voice-over one, and I'm having a great time so far! You can check out my Casting Call Club profile for more if you're interested!


AGE: 15

CHARACTER: Juleka, Darcy

BIO: Why I joined: I have loved miraculous ladybug for a couple of years now, and I have always wanted to be a part of it. MMC gave me a chance to bring a character to life my own way, and have fun with it!! I am now able to tell Juleka’s story with my voice, it is truly a great experience!! The people are so amazing and I am so proud and honored to be in this family!


AGE: 19

CHARACTER: Nathaniël, Max, Wayzze, Riven

BIO: Hi everyone! I'm Jaimon, I'm also known as Jay around my friends, also on my YouTube channel 'Jay Noir', I call myself Jay a lot. My love and passion for Voice Acting has been growing from the end of 2013. I started my very first video on YouTube where I voice acted. And since then I basically fell in love with it and made it my hobby. Then in mid-2015 I started my channel "Jay Noir" which was called "JayElkeDubs" back then. Since I met Natalie Guest, I got in touch with Miraculous Ladybug and decided that I wanted to grow my audience too. So that's what I did and now I have a lot of fun sharing my hobby with the world.


AGE: 20

CHARACTER: Max, Jason Fu, Dragonknight, Spikke

BIO: American Voice Actor, Theatre Major, love musicals and singing, voice actor for 5-6 years, been a youtuber for 6 years, voiced in many projects ranging from fandubs to fan projects, a creator and writer for the spin-off fan series Miraculous: Adventures of Bunnie & Dragonknight

Mira Lune

AGE: 16


BIO: I love to sing, draw, and act. I sometimes mess around and start singing without realizing. Im very happy to be here.


AGE: 21

CHARACTER: Photographer, Delrossa, Thoren
BIO: Just a nerd with mad vocal skills wanting to enjoy life with all things creative


AGE: 24


BIO: Funny youtuber and current UK Serviceman with the Air Training Corps. Likes model railways and cosplays


AGE: 19

CHARACTER: Lila, Aisha

BIO: I was born and raised in Texas, and I like country music. I own a miraculous channel called Scarlet Dust where I post comics and random vlogs.


AGE: 29


BIO: American Voice Actor. While still only beginning the Journey. He has amassed nearly 8k subscribers on his YouTube page. He is now planning on more original and more fan content. This year releasing a My Hero Academia Comic dub he wrote. He hopes to one day voice in Anime with Funimation and eventually work for the Cartoon Network.


AGE: 31

CHARACTER: Mandragora, Background Characters

BIO: A voice actress, seamstress, costume designer, writer, cosplayer and anything else I want to be from The Netherlands!


AGE: 28

CHARACTER: Master Fu, Saladin and Valtor

BIO: I have has voice acted since the golden age of YouTube abridged series, lending his weird cartoony voice to online videos and indie games. Most recently, he has gotten into narrating audiobooks and podcasts. Roman joined MMC promptly after discovering Miraculous Ladybug and instantly falling in love with its art-style, characters, and storytelling. An avid fanfic writer, you can find his Miraculous fics under the author name I Write Big.


AGE: 25

CHARACTER: Hawkmoth, Gabriel, Sky, Mike, Elias

BIO: I'm a hopeful VA hoping to reach higher in the voice acting community. I'm a relatively nice person and try to show my hard work in any project I'm in. Hope to see people entertained and laugh at some of my antics. Now one of the newest MMC directors! Also an editor for mmc as well.


AGE: 19

CHARACTER: Juleka, Mrs. Agreste, Bloom, 

BIO: I have been in theatre for about 5 years, but this is my first year as a voice actor. I love being able to get into character, and actually feel like I am the person I'm portraying. I am currently 18 until May and I plan to voice act for a career.


AGE: 21


BIO: I am the Writer and Artist for Furry Situation, Buggy Situation, and Thrill of the Hunt. I quite often collaborate with my good friend, Natalieguest. I love bagels and cats, but not together. I compose my own music, draw my own art, and I have even done some voice acting experiments from time to time. I don't have a dream, but I'm "purr"fectly content being where I'm at right now :3

Also Brand new director of MMC.


AGE: 17

POSITION: Main Editor

BIO: I'm one of the co-creators/co-directors of the dub. I also designed this website. I'm the owner of another Winx fandub (DiamondWinxDub - DiamondWinxDub Website), but I also enjoy helping out in other dubs, especially this one. Also, in case you didn't notice, I'm the youngest in the group (RIP). Anyway, I don't really voice act. I'm more of an editor :) Also, I'm Winx Club Newsflash on YouTube XD


AGE: 22

CHARACTER: Background Va, Nabu

BIO: American (Future) entertainer, Have a passion for Motorsports, Filmmaking, Sports, dubbing comics, travel,hanging with my guys etcetera. My ultimate dream is to be a monster truck driver and a part time actor for films of any kind, tv, shorts, brief voice roles. I’m a usual computer geek, being on social media, video editing and writing. Grew up watching Nickelodeon, watching some amazing entertainment, fanboy for miraculous ladybug. Too much to say about myself. Follow your dreams, don’t get talked down. CRUSH your demons and fight for your success and your future #MarkCRUSH   


AGE: 18

CHARACTER: Chloe, Stella

BIO: Pikmin Yolo Derp! I just do voice acting things on the interwebs!


AGE: 22


BIO: Hello I don't usually voice act but when I do I do it horribly ;D well I animate and I'm nats bFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF and I always want to improve in my skills . and I love miraculous and drawing and stuff ;D


AGE: 27

CHARACTER: Roxy, Sabrina, Additional Characters

BIO: YHi, my name is Tay, but I'm also known as Avatar Tay or Tay Star, whatever you prefer. I had been voice acting since 2015, but I also write stories, sing, and animate from time to time. I had been friends with Traveling Arrow for a long time, but I didn't join the MMC until summer of last year. I'm known for voicing Sabrina in Thrill of the Hunt and I will soon be voicing Roxy in upcoming Winx Club comic dubs. I hope to be a professional voice actress someday, but for now, I'm perfectly happy just taking one step at a time and having fun along the way.


AGE: 28

CHARACTER: Nooroo, Madame Mendeleiv, Nadja

BIO: She is a young mother of 2 and is a voice actress, artist, cosplayer and Costume / Fursuit maker. She loves spending time with friends and in her free time she's either gaming or being a Dungeon Master for D&D.


AGE: 24

CHARACTER: Nino, Helia

BIO: Bonjour, M’ladies and Gentlemen! I’m Tazzmyn Vaughn, though, some may also know me as my online persona DarkSt0rm009! I’m just a college student from Tennessee who’s always seen voice acting as his passion, ever since I’d first booted up a Sega Dreamcast to play Sonic Adventure. So far I’ve been on a few channels aside from my own, and now I’m more than happy to be a part of this team!


AGE: 19


BIO: Hey I'm Kian, I'm a cool Tom cat, that loves to read, write and hang out with my friends. My favourite thing to do is to Read my books, work my job and hang with my girlfriend Natalie .


AGE: 32

CHARACTER: Background VA

BIO: English Voice Actor, who loves nothing more that to make his family and friends happy, A huge gamer at hear and loves to draw and write stories. Has been voice acting for 10 years, Appearing in Fandubs, Comic dubs and more. Works time to time on YouTube under the name "TriEdgeSlayer87"


AGE: 25

CHARACTER: Brandon, Venom

BIO: Alex Justice is a Voice Actor that likes to do Comic Dubs and Fandubs on his own channel. They Tend to Center on Attack on Titan, Final Fantasy 15, and of course, Miraculous Lady Bug! He's also done voice work in various stop motions and in other comic dubs as well. He truly loves voice acting as his passion and hopes to one day become a professional voice actor.


AGE: 22

CHARACTER: Background

BIO: Company Director & YouTuber | 1.7M+ subscribers & 700M+ views


AGE: 24

CHARACTER: Aunt Aletta, Nathalie

Bio: I'm the stereotypical Canadian who says "eh" excessively, and thrives on maple syrup and bacon. 
I am a reserved, and quiet individual, but I consider myself patient and understanding. Though I don't often socially interact, I enjoy chilling with friends and acquaintances when given the opportunity. 


AGE: 27

CHARACTER: Cassi, Mylene, 

Penny Rolling

BIO: I grew up in the US. I have a boring life. I am mostly self-taught with art, music, and science, though I have also had classes. I also know programming. I am currently a volunteer at a thrift shop.


AGE: 29


BIO: Hi, my name is Jerzy, I live in Cracow, Poland, and I've been doing Voice Acting as a hobby since 2008 (most comfortable with voices of monsters and creatures). The bulk of my audio work was related to audio denoising and general audio editing. My hobbies include e-commerce, Kyūdō (Japanese archery), video games, general geek related activities.


AGE: 22


BIO: I am a very passionate person who wants to do voice acting and digital art into my profession. I put 100% myself in all the projects I get myself involved with.


AGE: 23

CHARACTER: Stella, Riva, Marine The Raccoon

BIO: I love to draw, animate, voice act, and just have fun in general. Working with my little sis is great! I love her so much.


AGE: 20

CHARACTER: Alya, Len-da, Tecna

BIO: Started doing voice acting simply for fun and has been since about 2016. Fell in love with MMC's comic dubs shortly after joining the Miraculous Fandom and jumped at the chance to audition and eventually join. Before this, i've done a number of roles for random projects ranging from MLP to comics from Webtoon.(Lol usually Princess Luna for some reason) I'm basically an utter nerd and i'm in love with far too many fandoms ranging from Five Nights at Freddys, to Undertale, to Pokemon and My Little Pony. I love doing voice acting and lending my voice to what ever is needed because it's just simply fun! I have two youtube channels which I also run for fun as I also love to make edits, do let's plays and host MEPs. (Voltaradragoness Edits & Fate'sVoiceVA) I adore my friends at MMC and hope i can continue to help them with many more projects to come.


AGE: 20

CHARACTER: Still to be Chosen

BIO: Claire is a vocalist and voice actress of 10+ years, who lends her voice to fan projects and original online creations. Residing in Melbourne, Australia, Claire has had extensive experience in live stage performance with theatrical and classical entertainment. She is currently graduating with a Bachelor of Music from Monash University, with ambitions to teach music and vocal technique in the near future.


AGE: 26

CHARACTER: Still to be Chosen

BIO: Mostly known for my pony voices, I've been officially voice acting since 2012 and I learn with each role. It's been a lot of fun and I've made a lot of friends through it. I do song covers on my channel and have links to each radioplay/animatic/comicddub/fanfic reading there as well


AGE: 20

BIO: USA citizen, middle child/second oldest of 3 to 4. I am also a YouTuber on the channel Zexal Digisaiyan Ash. I am a gamer and also a VA for a friend for his Code Lyoko series. I can sing and play the trumpet, as well as write songs and stories.


AGE: 18

BIO: Hey there! I’m Oscar Murphy, I play piano and I love a good performance every now and then. I have a small channel on called OmellettoHD and I love to make videos in my free time!



BIO: Hey there, my name is Tabitha. I've been an actress for a little over 6 years now and more recently have been pursuing voice acting as a passion and career. Outside of acting, I own my long running YouTube variety gaming channel, NeonVisions and have accumulated over 20k subscribers in the process. I'm super excited to continue developing my craft and appreciate the opportunity to work with such a large group of talented people!


AGE: 26

BIO: I started voice acting when I was very young I use grew up watching Dragonballz so I'd play with my toys and create plots for them. I always liked playing with my voice so I decided to try voice acting. I met a bunch of people and joined other groups. Most of them quit, but my desire to pursue this lingered so I've been trying to voice act more. I normally do audio editing for my comic dub series, but I enjoy the acting aspect more than the editing.

Robert Ramirez

AGE: 26


BIO: Hello I'm your friendly neighborhood voice actor I've been a voice actor for 7 years I've been in several animation commercials and video games i have a YouTube channel and tiktok under the same name Rarzrevenge which i showcase the goofy side of voice acting thank you for your time and have a wonderful day


AGE: 20

BIO: american voice actor, director of sonic projects at MMC, i'm just a guy trying to do what he can to survive.
likes video games, comics/manga, cartoons/anime, and hanging out with his friends and girlfriend.

A Pixie's Whisper

AGE: 22

BIO: Hey, I’m Pixie! I’m a voice actress and YouTuber from a small town in the US. I’ve been voice acting since 2017 with small Winx Club fandubs for fun but have made it into a hobby now. Outside of voice acting and YouTube I also like to draw, read, write, and play video games like Among Us and Minecraft. I’m super excited to be here!


AGE: 20

BIO: My Passion for Voice Acting has started in 2014 and I was one of the People who created MMC together with WCN and Natalie Guest. Outside of Voice Acting i am a University student and worker in a Gym.